FSM Favorite : John Wean

FSM Favorite : John Wean

John Wean is the next in line of our SoundCloud Favorites.
The joy of SoundCloud and an email address dedicated for London’s nicest music PR peeps (yeah, you know who you are) means a load of emails to crawl through each and every day.
I was very happy to listen to the link I got for this band. John Wean are a Scottish 4-piece who are to release their single ‘New York Doesn’t Love You’ on 16 April 2012 on The Dinky Record Company, which was mixed by Grammy winner Tom Lord-Alge.

According to the information we’ve got, the song is about a modern-day love story in which ‘Boy sees girl from afar, boy stalks girl on Facebook, realizes she’s got a boyfriend already but, undaunted, moves his stalking over to another platform and is confronted by the Twitter name that inspired the single ‘New York Doesn’t Love You”’.

Have a listen and let us know what you think!



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