Hit Me TV is one of the bands who might have been afraid to release their oh-so-difficult-sophomore album.
Back in the days, still named Skip The Rush, the lads decided after a reasonably successful debut album to postpone releasing their second. Two years later, in 2008, the same guys came back as Hit Me TV, with a different sound, a new look and a new album.
Now fours years have passed since that second debut album, which then makes this one their second sophomore album!?

Anyhow, new album IIII III I (Remove the horizontal stripes from HIT ME TV and with some imagination you end up with this name) does sound a bit different compared to the earlier work of the lads. It sounds like they decided to slow down the pace, focus more on the lyrics and give more space to singer Jaap to show his skills.

First two tracks The Industry and P.R.E.S.I.D.E.N.T. clearly show this new path; with a trendy electro feel, two paces slower than the previous album although still with a catchy harmonic choruses.
One of the highlights of this album is the slow The Host where the desire is expressed that the main character should be a little like me, while dreamy It Could Happen is lyrically more sad and darker.

The framework of Hit Me TV is still the same where sharp guitar riffs, thriving bass lines and uptempo drums are combined to form danceable tracks with tunes that will stick in your mind. Take for example Lose You, which sounds more or less like their old stuff combined with 80’s pop, whereas Give Up (You Idiot) really sounds like the end of the 80’s or the beginning of the 90’s.

Verdict: 4/5
IIII III I is the most radio-friendly album made by this Dutch 4-piece. The easy listening electro tracks make sure that there will be a bigger audience for Hit Me TV compared to their self-titled predecessor.
This might mean that die-hard fans could be disappointed on the change of sound but I believe the new sound works great and gives the lads a better chance on well deserved airtime.
Top tracks The Business, Science Fiction and The Host make the album worth putting on repeat for the rest of the day… or week.

Hit Me TV – IIII III I will be released this Friday (March 16th) on their own IIII III I Records.
You can already download the single New York Kids on iTunes.
For more information on Hit Me TV, head over to their Facebook page.

Track list:
The Industry
The Host
New York Kids
Radio Dead Air
The Business
It Could Happen
Come On Love
Lose You
Give Up (You Idiot)
Science Fiction
Men & Mice



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