Stairs – Sunday Morning on the Edge of Town

Stairs – Sunday Morning on the Edge of Town

After Stairs (a quintet from Swedish city Örebro) had introduced themselves to us we were pleasantly surprised with their sound and shared their video for “Best Believe”. Now we find ourselves on a lazy sunday afternoon listening to their debut album Sunday Morning on the Edge of Town which was released last December.

There are several types of songs on this album. It starts quite relaxed, almost mellow with The Death of a Young Student after which the tempo goes a little but up, even using trumpets in during No Knock on My Door.

After the title-track of the album comes the best song in my opinion Best Believe. And with the relaxed voice of the singer, I just love the vibe of the song. The overall atmosphere on the album created by Stairs reminded me a bit of the Depeche Mode’s sound, and this song underwrites this feeling.

After Best Believe it beautifully flows over into Won’t Let the World Break Us. Not on the same level, but very good as well and a very nice it invites very much to turn up the volume to get sucked
even more into the melting pot of sounds.

After those two songs it feels as if the brakes are hit and Stairs slows down a little during Yesterday. Just Like Your Dad has a little more tempo but has not such a dark atmosphere as the rest and sounds almost like a “normal” pop-song. With Burn All Bridges the tempo gets turned up even more and the overall atmosphere brightens up a little as well.

With All I Can Offer and with Lights Out the trumpets return and the album comes to a nice and slow melodic end.

Verdict: 4/5
After the uninspired but very much hyped album of Lana Del Rey it is a relief to hear some enthusiastic musicians who deserve more attention. Sunday Morning on the Edge of Town by Stairs is perfect for a sunday, unfortunately a bit short, but still a very decent 4 out of 5 stars.

You can buy this beautiful debut album on Amazon.

Track list:

1. The Death Of A Young Student
2. No Knock On My Door
3. Sunday Morning On The Edge Of Town
4. Best Believe
5. Won’t Let The World Break Us
6. Yesterday
7. Just Like Your Dad
8. Burn All Bridges
9. All I Can Offer
10. Lights Out



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