Super 8 Cynics – Doing What I’ve Always Done

As you might have notices, FrontStageMusic is not only a platform for the big established bands, but more the place for up and coming bands and artists.

Take for example these blokes from Manchester called Super 8 Cynics. They’re still waiting for their debut album to be released, which hopefully be later this year.

Have a look at their funny vid for ‘Doing What I’ve Always Done’, which is quite honestly a good track!

For more info on Super 8 Cynics, head over head over to their Facebook page.



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  1. [...] about Super 8 Cynics, a 4-piece from Manchester. In January, we’ve posted the video for Doing What I’ve Always Done. Luckily, the guys are back with ‘new’ material. They’ve released their new [...]

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