Lana Del Rey – Born To Die

Lana Del Rey – Born To Die

Is she a future world famous pop star or just another rich girl that bought her way into the music world?
Whatever she might be, New York born Elizabeth Grant’s Lana Del Rey has an enormous buzz around her ‘debut’ album.

Yes ‘debut’ album and not debut album, because in 2010 a full-length album called Lana Del Ray A.K.A. Lizzy Grant was released, before being withdrawn and shelved.
Lana Del Rey’s star rose since June last year, when she released the video for ‘Video Games’ on YouTube, which became a worldwide hit.
Now, with the ‘debut’ album finally out, it is time to see if this American girl’s album is a world class album or a smartly marketed B product.

The album starts slowly with title track ‘Born To Die’, which was also the second single from this album. Being a trademark of LDR (or weakness, depending on your view on LDR), the track either has the delightful slow atmospheric pace, or the pace of a 80’s electric milk truck going uphill at 8 mph.
‘Off To The Races’ vintage feel gives LDR’s idea of being the ‘gangsta Nancy Sinatra’ body, where LDR vocals flow from up to down and back.
‘I will love you ‘till the end of time’ is the key phrase in ‘Blue Jeans’, where ironically she sings ‘we don’t need no money, we can make it all work’.
If you are old school and listen to an album from the first to the last track, massive respect for all of you who did not switch off, skipped or ended the album with ‘National Anthem’.

For those who continued listening, ‘Dark Paradise’ and ‘Radio’ continue the album in style. ‘Dark Paradise’ is a decent song, but it sounds like something we’ve all heard many times before. And ‘Radio’, well, fills the album with another three and a half minutes.
In ‘Million Dollar Man’, which isn’t about the Million Dollar Man, WWF’s Ted DiBiase, LDR goes into the old cliché ‘one for the money and two for the show, I love you honey and I’m ready to go’. The last two tracks, ‘Summertime Sadness’ which is about another breakup, and ‘This Is What Makes Us Girls’ which is more or less the same as the previous eleven songs on the album. It doesn’t end the album with a bang.

Verdict: 3/10
Having in mind the background of miss Grant, is this album is a serious enhancement to the music scene or just a blatant karaoke marketing product? Yes, massive hit ‘Video Games’ is lyrically quite decent and was a good introduction to LDR, but this album never gets out of the shadow of that song, and leaves to conclude that the hype around ‘Born To Die’ is purely based on (bought?) blog publicity and two decent pre-released tracks, being Video Games and Blue Jeans. (And I’m not even referring to the disastrous Saturday Night Live performance!)
It is the only way to explain why so many music critics listed this album as one of the top upcoming albums of 2012.

Lana Del Rey – Born To Die has been released today on Interscope.
You can order the album on Amazon and download from iTunes.

Track list:
Born To Die
Off To The Races
Blue Jeans
Video Games
Diet Mountain Dew
National Anthem
Dark Paradise
Million Dollar Man
Summertime Sadness
This Is What Makes Us Girls



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