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Miracles of Modern Science – Eating Me Alive

After the release of their debut album ‘Dog Year’ last month, American outfit Miracles of Modern Science, who make ‘orchestral space-pop’, have released their first ever music video.You can compare


Lana Del Rey – Born To Die

Is she a future world famous pop star or just another rich girl that bought her way into the music world? Whatever she might be, New York born Elizabeth Grant’s

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The Whip – Movement

After the success of the debut X Marks Destination, Manchester’s electro-rockers The Whip have released their sophomore album ‘Wired Together’ late last year. The Whip will release a new single

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Feeder – Borders

With the release of Feeder’s upcoming album Generation Freakshow in April, and the release date of that album’s first single ‘Borders’ in a week and a half from now, it

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Santigold is back…

It’s been a while since we’ve had any news on Santigold. However, there is a new track by Santigold available now! The track is called ‘Big Mouth’ and comes from

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Moss – What You Want

Superb Dutch outfit Moss are due to release their forthcoming album Ornaments in two weeks from now (30th of January). The band just released a video for What You Want,

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Enter Shikari – Arguing With Thermometers

Enter Shikari is one of the quietest bands I’ve ever seen live. Oh wait, no, I was partly deaf the day afterwards. They are the loudest band I’ve even seen

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Dad Rocks! – Lifestock

While browsing through, Dad Rocks! came by this educational video which should prepare people for nuclear wars. However, with a bit of editing and the gorgeous track ‘Lifestock’, a