Smith & Burrows – Funny Looking Angels

Smith & Burrows – Funny Looking Angels

We’ve already posted a studio version of the title track of Funny Looking Angels a while ago, but now it’s time for the album review of the Smith & Burrows’ special Christmas album.

Editors’ singer Tom Smith and ex-Razorlight’s drummer Andy Burrows (hence the name Smith & Burrows) teamed up and have been able to capture the magic and excitement around Christmas on this 10 track album. With a combination of both new songs and covers (most remarkably, the already beautiful Wonderful Life as made by Black years ago), Smith & Burrows take the listeners to an imaginary Christmas world, where the voice of Tom covers the somber and cold winter feelings, while Burrows’ provides a warming feeling of hot choco with marshmallows.

Even though it is a themed album, Smith & Burrows delivered a decent album with some really good new songs. The tracks individually are really nice, however as an album, Funny Looking Angels does feel a bit shakey. But it’s still a nice album to put on while having your family dinner at Christmas…

Verdict: 3.5/5
Die-hard Editors and Razorlight fans might be disappointed in the different sound that the duo offer, however, the album does give the impression that future work of this duo is very promising.
The album will be released on the 28th of November. You can order Smith & Burrows – Funny Looking Angels on Amazon, or get it from the iTunes store.

Track list:

In The Bleak Midwinter
When The Thames Froze
As The Snowflakes Fall
Funny Looking Angels
Wonderful Life
Only You
On and On
This Aint New Jersey
The Christmas Song (with Agnes Obel)



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