Ellie Lawson – Lost Without You EP

Ellie Lawson – Lost Without You EP

Sometimes we have to ‘cheat’ a bit and make use of the information that is given to us via press releases.
Ellie Lawson is one of those cases where this information was much-needed.

After travelling through America on a young age, Ellie’s story is ‘a modern tale of overwhelming talent’. With potty-mouth Ellen DeGeneres explaining that Ellie ‘will be the hugest, hugest star’, Quiksilver’s appointment of ambassador with other artists like Ben Howard and Leddra Chapman, and working with Ferry Corsten, 4 Strings and Richard Durand; Ellie Lawson should have popped up on our radar ages ago…

So what is this fuss all about? Well, this EP is a mix of different styles and tempos and quickly demonstrates the talent of Ellie.
The joyful whistles in ‘Change The Way’, the distorted vocals and jazzy feeling in ‘How Hard We Try’, happy ‘Ba Ba Da’ and an almost Shakira-like track called ‘Friends. Or rather, Shakira should very damn proud if this was her song!

Verdict: 4/5
The ‘Lost Without You EP’ is a very pleasant introduction to all who have never heard of Ellie Lawson yet. The five tracks make you long for more from this talented girl. This bittersweet EP is a pleasant little record to put on during the gray and cold autumn days ahead.

The ‘Lost Without You EP’ was released last week. For more information, please head over to Ellie Lawson’s Facebook page.

Track list:
Lost Without You
Change The Way
How Hard We Try
Ba Ba Da



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