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Theme Park – Milk

Remember this band we were talking about a while ago called Theme Park? Well, they’ve recently released a video for their track ‘Milk’. We reckon that Theme Park will be

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Graffiti6 – Green Fields (Cover)

A long long time ago, we covered Graffiti6’s first single ‘Stare into the Sun’. We did not know at that time if Graffiti6 would ever release anythings afterwards, or that

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The Erratic Man – Back In The Day

I was scared that I’d only see Bnann back in the line-up in Nevermind The Buzzcocks as ‘For the people at home, take a look at Love Like Semtex by

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Hurts – Evelyn (Live in Berlin)

Happiness by English duo Hurts was one of the best début albums released last year. No wonder that the lads from Hurts recently re-released the album with a stunning live

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In Memoriam : Freddie Mercury (1946-1991)

It’s today 20 years ago that iconic singer, musician and rock-star Freddie Mercury passed away due to a bronchio-pneumonia, just a day after going public on being HIV positive. Born

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Hey Hey My My – The Next Bar

French band Hey Hey My My (named after Neil Young’s anthem) have released a video for their track ‘The Next Bar’. The song comes from their second album ‘A Sudden


Ellie Lawson – Lost Without You EP

Sometimes we have to ‘cheat’ a bit and make use of the information that is given to us via press releases. Ellie Lawson is one of those cases where this

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Smith & Burrows – When The Thames Froze

You might think that we are only publishing articles on Smith & Burrows by now… Well, that’s not true… Well okay, a bit.Thing is, we here like the album, and