Britney Spears – Globen, October 16th 2011

Britney Spears – Globen, October 16th 2011

I know that Britney Spears doesn’t fit this website. And that her music isn’t, well, let’s say it nicely… Crap.
But, I have to admit, she kinda was a hottie when I grew up.
So, when I had the chance to see her in Globen Stockholm, I just couldn’t resist and took my camera with me.

Far away from the stage, lots of changing the stage / costumes and that all in the 4 songs that we could shoot pictures. Very cool to experience such a big show from a photographers perspective. The music is not mine at all but it is cool to see such a big show on such a big stage from such a well known artist and then the show kind of makes up for the fact that not that much more than the “thank you”‘s is live.



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