Royal Republic – Debaser Slussen, September 29nd 2011

Royal Republic – Debaser Slussen, September 29nd 2011

On the evening before my departure for a well deserved holiday, one of my favorite Swedish acts rocked the house in Debaser Slussen. “Not Called Jinx” is joining Royal Republic during their European Tour and they started the evening and made a very good impression.

Royal Republic and Not Called Jinx

Royal Republic and Not Called Jinx

Personally I like Not Called Jinx’ song “Aim and Fire” a lot. The video for this song from this Berlin band can be seen here:

“Not Called Jinx” Playlist:

The Deal
Aim And Fire
Phoenix Arising
As I Please

Royal Republic - 29-09-2011-7636

Not Called Jinx

Not Called Jinx was a very good warming up for Royal Republic whom entered the stage with almost a victorious background song as if the Royals are arriving and from the very first note they made it clear that they are Royal.

Royal Republic - 29-09-2011-7734-3

Royal Republic

“Royal Republic” Playlist:

The Royal
The President’s Daughter
Good to be bad
The End
Be My Baby
Cry Baby Cry

Acoustic set

Walking Down The Line
I Must Be Out Of My Mind

End Acoustic Set

Ace of Spades
21st Century Gentleman
You Ain’t Nobody
All Because Of You


Home To Me
Full Steam Spacemachine

Of course the known hits like “Tommy-Gun” and “Full Steam Spacemachine” are very good and gets the crowd very energetic as well I also heard lesser known songs that have to become hits sooner or later. “Be My Baby” is going to be on their next album but I am quite sure it is going to be received very well.

Royal Republic - 29-09-2011-7698

Royal Republic

After a very energetic start there was time for a little more relaxing with an acoustic part, or so I thought… I have never seen an acoustic set that was rocking more than most bands can using full throttle electric amplifiers etcetera. Escpecially the version of “I Must Be Out Of My Mind” which sounded a little like country sometimes just did it.

After the “relaxed” acoustic part, instruments have to be changed so there was a little break for a short while and then the band came in rocking with “Oi Oi Oi”.

Royal Republic - 29-09-2011-7710

Royal Republic

An energetic rockband is as they are described and I never saw The Offspring playing live but I can only imagine them and the Baddies being as energetic as this band is. It might have added something extra that they played on homeground and, if my Swedish is good enough now, for the first time in Stockholm. The audience was as always great and it was beautiful to see the band interacting in different ways with the public, also the almost personal thanking with every person in the front row was something special.

Royal Republic - 29-09-2011-7751

Royal Republic



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