FSM Favorite : Theme Park

FSM Favorite : Theme Park

Here’s the story on how I found out about Theme Park

Sometimes when play with the apps on your phone, you end up pushing the wrong button.
The same happened to me this morning. Instead of opening my Twitter account, I accidentally opened the Soundcloud app. It was loading in the background while I was reading my emails and a song started to play. And then the next one, and the next one. Nothing special you might say. However, without me really realizing it, thirty minutes later, I was still listening to the same three tracks and I really liked it!

The band is called Theme Park, a 5-piece band from London who are now busy with writing and recording songs.
That’s all the info we have really.

So, until we know more, we just have to stick to these three tracks (one of them is a remix). You can also download the tracks Milk and the remix by Asparins of A Mountain We Love for free. Yes, for free that is.
No excuses, just listen, download and enjoy.



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