FSM Favorite : Theme Park

Here’s the story on how I found out about Theme Park… Sometimes when play with the apps on your phone, you end up pushing the wrong button. The same happened


Bell X1 – 4 Minute Mile

Oeh, another batch of brilliant new videos have been released this week. This is definately one of my favorites! It’s from Bell X1 and it’s called ‘4 Minute Mile’. A


Coldplay – Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

Hate ‘m or love ‘m, one thing is sure; Coldplay is one of the biggest bands of the last century. Their great performance at Glastonbury underlined that claim for sure.¬†Luckily,


Tove Styrke as part of our dance

OK, I believe in Tove Styrke… she is going to be big. Once I saw the attention she got during her performance at Debaser Medis (review here) and saw her


Start the week with disco

For a lot of people holiday season is starting, in Stockhom restaurants are closing because so many people are leaving the city for the coming month that it is no


Arcade Fire re-release Grammy winning The Suburbs

2011 Grammy winners Arcade Fire re-released their latest album ‘The Suburbs’ today in a special edition package, called, logically, ‘The Suburbs Deluxe Edition’. The album comes with new tracks ‘Speaking


The Whip announce new album

The long awaited successor of the Whip’s ‘X Marks Destination’ is finally announced. After a long long wait, the Whip have announced that the second album will be released after


A Silent Express – Feel the Energy

That there are a bunch of young promising band in the Netherlands isn’t a secret for us anymore. Take for example these young blokes called A Silent Express. Having an