Junip – Debaser Medis, March 4th 2011

Junip – Debaser Medis, March 4th 2011

This night could be or even should be described as one big mantra. Junip, three guys from Götenborg created a relaxed environment, almost as if it was a livingroom-concert.

Junip - Debaser Medis - -9974

Everybody on stage was sitting down and even the guitarcase was laying next to the chair, as if they were just playing a few songs and were ready to go.

Junip - Debaser Medis - -9971

Every song had something that just kept going for the whole song. If it was not the lyrics it was the riff.

Junip - Debaser Medis - -9973

The quality of the concert was very good and the audience seemed to have a very good start of the weekend. The band may not be that well known to the rest of the world yet but it will be very soon.
If you would like to listen some of the music of Junip or want to know more about this band, check out the Junip MySpace.



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