De Staat – Machinery

De Staat – Machinery

You probably have seen the little video with the preview of, if you ask me, one of the best Dutch bands of the moment.
They are called De Staat (Meaning The State), they are from a little city called Nijmegen, released their debut album ‘Wait for Evolution’ in 2009 and are ready to conquer the rest of Europe with their second album ‘Machinery’.

‘Machinery’ opens powerful with the uptempo ‘Ah, I See’, giving you immediately an idea of what De Staat is really about.
Frontman Torre Florim hasn’t just created a band, no, De Staat is a machine that excels in a high pace, surprises in a lower pace and is impossible to withstand.
First single ‘Sweatshop’ could be seen as the personification of De Staat’s growth between album one and two.
An immensely addictive guitar riff, chorus and Torre’s vocals are going everywhere.
With ‘I’ll Never Marry You’, De Staat slows down a bit and creates a more radio friendly track, without losing character.

‘Old Macdonald Don’t Have No Farm No More’ will definitely be amazing during concerts and festivals, where the song works on a banging handclap-drum in combination with short and powerful vocal explosions. Add a little choir in the chorus and pleasure is guaranteed.
The tracks that I really dig are ‘I’m A Rat’, ‘Psycho Disco’, ‘Tumbling Down’ and, well, the list actually goes on and on, ending up with the track listing.

With Machinery, De Staat shows that ‘the oh-so-difficult-second-album’ theory is not applicable to them, in fact, I strongly believe that ‘Machinery’ is an even better album than the debut ‘The Fantastic Journey of the Underground Man’.

Verdict: 9/10
It will be a matter of time before De Staat will conquer the rest of the world with their unique sound. With their live performances, De Staat, and maybe mostly because of frontman Torre Florim’s charming appearance, will get more and more fans.
‘Machinery’ is a pleasure to put on repeat, it will not become boring!
‘Dankjewel De Staat!’



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