Alcoholic Faith Mission – Running With Insanity EP

Alcoholic Faith Mission – Running With Insanity EP

Sitting in the sun with a nice cold drink on a Tuesday afternoon…
That’s not something new for me really. However, this routine of mine got a little messed up today while listening to Alcoholic Faith Mission’s new EP.
Until today, I’ve never heard of this band (bad bad bad me).

Danish-American 6 piece band Alcoholic Faith Mission has just released their latest EP.
The band received great feedback on their previous albums ‘Misery Loves Company’, ‘421 Wythe Avenue’ and 2010’s ‘Let This Be The Last Night We Care’.
That was enough to convince me to have a listen to their EP ‘Running With Insanity’.

The EP starts with the delightful title track ‘Running With Insanity’, which makes me fully understand all the positive reviews on Alcoholic Faith Mission’s previous releases.
Followed by the dreamy ‘Legacy’, Fol Chen like ‘When They Bleed’ and to amazingly great ‘Drowning (In My Self)’, Alcoholic Faith Mission has just found themselves a new fan!
Last track ‘Dancing Fools’ with a classic piano-like riff, finishes the EP in style.

Alcoholic Faith Mission are definitely one to watch for the coming year!

You can download the title track via the Soundcloud app below. For more information on Alcoholic Faith Mission or where to buy the EP, go to Alcoholic Faith Mission’s website. If you are a happy preppy iTunes user, click on the following link to buy the EP via iTunes. I’m now off to find their previous releases!
Alcoholic Faith Mission – Running With Insanity



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