White Lies – Ritual

White Lies – Ritual

Remember Fear of Flying? They released Three Is A Crowd on 7” in 2006…
I remember the first time I played that 7 inch, where I thought my record player was broken when I first listened to it.
Apparently, it was the voice of Harry McVeigh…
After stating that Fear of Flying was dead…White Lies is alive, the trio amazed music lovers with their first album To Lose My Life, with dark songs about death.
Critics often compared the sound of White Lies to the likes of Interpol, Joy Division and Editors, and they were bloody right to do so.

The guys just released their ‘oh-so-difficult-second-album’ called Ritual.
And oh dear, the reviews online till now have not been very nice.
Is it really that bad? Is first single Bigger Than Us the only decent track on the new album?

White Lies apparently have turned 180 degrees, going from Death to Love with the new album.
You could even consider that ‘Is Love’ is the transition between To Lose My Life and Ritual. First track  ‘Is Love’ starts slow but immediately kicks in with the recognizable White Lies sound. An almost retro-synthesizer sound quickly transforms into a dance-able beat.

‘Strangers’ could have also been on the previous album, good news for the fans of the old album. The chorus ‘there is nothing stranger than to love someone’ doesn’t really work for me, although I really like the instrumental part just after 3 minutes.
First single ‘Bigger Than Us’ is by far the strongest song on the album, it has an easy sing-a-long chorus, hooray for all the girls at the gigs, and would hopefully still sound good at the end of the year. For now, it doesn’t bore me (yet).

‘Peace & Quiet’ intro sounds a bit like something we’ve heard over and over before. Nevertheless, when the song finally picks up pace, the choir effect works brilliant, following an 80’s synth transition. ‘Streetlights’ could have been an Editors song, based on the first minute. But by saying that, it could also be a Joy Division track.

‘Holy Ghost’ , ‘Turn the Bells’ are not of the level as ‘Bigger Than Us’, they probably need some more time to grow on me, although the bass-drum in Turn The Bells gives the song a lovely dark, old White Lies pace.

‘The Power & the Glory’ is for me the weakest song of the album. Too 80’s (not to say that is generally bad) but it doesn’t do the album well.

So, after 40 minutes and 8 tracks, for me, the second best track of the album ‘Bad Love’ and closing track ‘Come Down’ luckily make up for the previous song. Making sure that you don’t switch away from the album too early .

All in all, White Lies deliver a good second album. It isn’t very original, and yes, the comparison between them and the ‘other’ bands will remain, but still, the album should be able to reach 6 or 7 out of 10 for most critics. Unless you really hate White Lies (Which I can understand, but I don’t agree)…

I give it a 7 out of 10, giving White Lies the benefit of the doubt.
Definitely an album to listen more to in the coming weeks, but I doubt that it will entertain me longer than that.

Ritual will be out on the 17th of January and will be for sale in every decent record store near you! (Unless you live in the desert…)



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