Niki & The Dove – Hornstull Strand, January 15th 2011

Niki & The Dove – Hornstull Strand, January 15th 2011

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Fritz’s Corner has been organizing music events in and around Stockholm since 1997 in a growing number of venues. On the 15th of January they arranged their first event in the club room of Hornstull Strand, which they can now add to their list. For the occasion they had invited three Swedish acts: Death and Vanilla, Masquer and the very promising Niki & The Dove.

The first act to enter the stage was Death and Vanilla, a Malmö-based band that already had released a single via Beko DSL and recently made a self-titled EP. They played rock music combined with weird electronic effects and performed some enjoyable songs to the small group of people that had gathered around the stage. The downside to their set was that they ended each song with a fading out electronic effect which kept the public from applauding.
Check out the Death and Vanilla MySpace.

Masquer (c) Johan Dahlroth

Masquer (c) Johan Dahlroth

Next up was Masquer, a synth pop duo who, as Stockholmers, played for their own public that night. Pelle Lundqvist played the guitar while Kicki Halmos took care of the vocals and synthesizers, all of which was backed up by pre-recorded 80s-style percussion. I have to say that I was surprised by the quality of their music and mostly by Kicki’s voice.
There was a moment in the first song where I said to myself: they are totally ripping off the melody of Warpaint’s “Undertow”, but a few seconds later it became clear that they were doing a partial cover of that song. Later I read an interview online in which Kicki stated that she’s a big fan of Warpaint’s music. Masquer haven’t reached their full potential yet, but I think I will be keeping an eye on them and check out their debut album when it comes out (they have been recording it in December).
Check out more information about and listen to more music of Masquer at the Masquer MySpace.

Niki & The Dove (c) Johan Dahlroth

Niki & The Dove (photo by Johan Dahlroth)

At 11pm it was finally time for Niki & The Dove, in my opinion one of the best electronic music acts in Sweden at the moment. They only released three songs so far and their live shows can be counted on one hand, but once they release their debut album I have no doubt they will break out of obscurity. For those who want some more background information about this band, I recommend you read a blog post I did a while ago.
Niki & The Dove started off with two songs that I hadn’t heard before. There were only three persons on stage at that moment: two guys behind the synthesizers and the drum pads and frontwoman Malin Dahlström behind the microphone and the effects. The first song immediately made clear that the music was going to be an experience for the entire body. Not only was the music beautiful to your ears, you could feel your body as one with the bass and the visual aspect was great as well, with the musicians adorned with feathers, ribbons, strings and face paint. From then on the atmosphere in the venue went into crescendo.
As Malin had announced with a scanned in note sent to all subscribers of the mailing list, Niki & The Dove would be joined on stage by performance artists (Malin herself hailing from the performance art scene as Disdishdance) in the form of two hula-hoopers who got on stage during the second song. When the climax of the set was reached during a new song with a high amount of danceability, performance artist Tove showed off her dancing skills, eventually causing everyone to start dancing, my reserved self and the equally reserved Swedes included. Malin concluded the song with thanking everyone for dancing and stating that there was nothing more beautiful in the world than dancing people.

Apart from this energetic moment, other highlights for me included the performance of “Mother Protect” and “DJ, Ease My Mind”, two songs that I knew by heart. Seeing them brought live, pasted together by different sounds and electronic effects, was absolutely mind-blowing. There was only one moment in the show when I was disappointed and that was when Niki & The Dove left the stage and didn’t come back, while I was expecting them to do an encore, since they hadn’t played “Under The Bridges” yet, the B-side of their single.

A last thing I want to say is that Malin Dahlström is someone you should watch out for. Apart from her amazing stage presence and performance abilities she’s an amazing musician. Her voice was better than anything I had hoped for and she did some really nice things with the effects, including some voice-looping. All in all I have to say that this one of the best concert experiences I had so far. The energy on and in front of the stage and the interaction between the artists and the spectators (Malin was at least as excited as we were, screaming enthusiastically between songs) were something I hadn’t experienced before. Keep an eye on Niki & The Dove!

FYI: Niki & The Dove are still playing some shows in the next couple of weeks around Sweden, so check out the Niki & The Dove MySpace for those and if you want to stay updated on what they’re doing I recommend you subscribe to their mailing list on the website.

The images are courtesy of Johan Dahlroth ( and Andreas Wåhlström (



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