Ratatat – Debaser Slussen, November 7th 2010

Ratatat – Debaser Slussen, November 7th 2010

Kim Hiorthoy started the evening at a Debaser Slussen that was totally sold out! He made me remember how much I had missed the electro-music. Although this might have been one of the most extreme electro-sets I have witnessed. One short moment of vocals and for the rest everything came out of the electrical instruments he had standing in front of him.

Ratatat (ft. Kim Hjorthoy)-9457

Kim Hiorthoy

There was no MC, he did not use a microphone himself but he was everything but quiet. Jumping and pumping and shaking his head and the rest of his body to the beat was part of the experience for sure.

Want to hear some of the music Kim Hjorthoy produces, check out the Kim Hiorthoy MySpace.

Then it was up to the reason why everybody had bought their tickets… Ratatat!

Before the show I tried to get an idea of what I could expect of the guys and was afraid to not see a lot of live music. But how wrong can I be! They played a lot of different instruments and I totally got why the venue was sold out! Every song was a bang. Every song got played with a lot of energy. Every song got the crowd active and every song got even me moving.

Ratatat (ft. Kim Hjorthoy)-9483


Drugs and Shampi had some cool background videos. With the first one, the director had definitely used something himself and with Shampi it was an ABBA video (why not, we are in Sweden anyway) that got mashed up.

Ratatat (ft. Kim Hjorthoy)-9465


Rarely have seen musicians that can focus on so many things at the same time, Mike Stroud was playing the keys/guitar and many other instruments in one song and gave attention to the crowd and drank some nice drinks and said hi to someone he knew and gave the soundtechnician some instructions and had a lot of fun doing so!


Bob Gandhi
Grape Juice City
Loud Pipes
Falcon Jab
Party With Children

17 Years
Bare Feast

To see all the pictures check out the Flickr set.

If you want to check out Ratatat for yourself you can of course check out the Ratatat MySpace for more information but they are going to play in Paradiso, Amsterdam on the 12th of November and in the Brighton Centre, Brighton on the 1st of December.



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