Lissie – Debaser Slussen, November 10th 2010

Lissie – Debaser Slussen, November 10th 2010

The unexpected support act was a sensitive Swedish singer which somehow got to me. Although 90 percent of the audience was just talking while he was playing, I did feel his songs. They were mainly about everyday subjects like in country-songs. Sadly I did not get his name, I believe it was Sebastian Vit or something close but now I can only offer this picture:

Support act

Support act

Straight from Rock Island in the Mississippi, Lissie took the stage in Slussen. She stated that she felt that it was a special moment because her whole family had always been proud of the fact that their ancestors came from Sweden and now she made her first appearance here in Stockholm.


Wedding Bells
Worried About
Here Before
When I’m Alone
Record Collector
Everywhere I Go
In Sleep
Little Lovin

Oh Mississippi
Pursuit of Happiness

I was surprised with the power of Lissie’s voice. Sometimes you hear an artist on an album or in the video clip and it sounds like a good voice but then it disappoints a lot when you hear them alive, not with Lissie.

Some really uptempo songs which made sure that the night had a nice tempo. With “Record Collector” the audience got really excited and even before that song they were already telling Lissie to start drinking tequila which she eventually did… During the encore she played the more sensitive “Oh Mississippi” which made sure that the crowd was quiet.

The very last song of the night was a cover of Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness” which ended the night with a lot of energy. Lissie seemed like a positive artist who shares a lot of her personal stories with the audience.

Want to hear some of Lissie’s music, check out the Lissie MySpace.



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