Beach House – Debaser Medis, November 10th 2010

Beach House – Debaser Medis, November 10th 2010

Those of us that showed up early to Wednesday’s sold-out show at Debaser Medis got a little taste of what was to come when Steve Strohmeier, a supporting member of Beach House, came out on stage. Crouching over his pedals, he earnestly invited the handful of us around the stage to listen “Or not!” to 15 minutes of trippy, ambient guitar. It’s always nice to see artists giving a little extra and it set the tone for what proved to be a spooky and sensual night of music.


Steve Strohmeier

The opening act, Our Broken Garden, wasted no time in setting their own mood on stage. Impish lead singer Anna Bronsted greeted us with her pert Danish accent and launched into a darkly beautiful pack of songs, mostly from their new album Golden Sea. Anna’s breathy, bird-like vocals were a kind of warm comfort against the backdrop of the sparse and funereal instrumentation and lyrics.


Our Broken Garden

Sometimes slow to get going, the music did however take a few detours out of the slow-core mold. Driven by a tight rhythm section and Anna’s determined wail, songs like ‘Feral’ and ‘The Burial’ seem to come alive with a kind of smoldering fury. This really brought the energy back into the set at all the right times. Look for more from this band. Check out their MySpace.

By now the last stragglers had arrived to fill the packed house, and the stage was set for the evenings headliners, Beach House. With the first few bars of Victoria Legrand’s organ the crowd let out a collective, gleeful sigh as we recognized ‘Gila’, one of the best pieces of music from 2008’s Devotion album. From there it was straight to the critically acclaimed Teen Dream record, with the sultry build-and-release of ‘Walk in the Park’.


Beach House

Alex Scully’s languid riffs tend to weave effortlessly with Victoria’s smoky, Stevie-Nick’s-esque baritone. It’s a pretty potent and dark combination that draws you in and never quite let’s go. But what’s really great about Beach House is the toughness and wounded pride that cuts through the doom and gloom and creates an odd sense of hope that brightens up their music.
That pride wavered somewhat mid-show, when the band was forced to stop in the middle of a song due to technical problems. They recovered quickly and actually re-did the song but experienced the same problem later in the set, with a 3 or 4 minute stretch of static during which Victoria tried to keep us going with a little stage banter.


Victoria Legrand - Beach House

Reminiscing about the last time they played Debaser Slussen, before a smaller crowd, she kept her cool. But as the problem dragged on, she seemed to be getting a little desperate. “What do you get when you mix an elephant with a rhino?” she asked, then deadpanned “ell if I know!”. We cringed with her, but by then the music was back.
Beach House succeeded in the end, taking down the house with the evening’s final encore ‘10 Mile Stereo’, a space-y, epic tune that takes a bit of everything from their sound and pushes it a little further. Overall it was a pretty fantastic show that hints at more great work to come from these guys in the future. Stay tuned.

Set List:
Walk in the Park
Silver Soul
Master Of None
Lover Of Mine
Used To Be
Heart Of Chambers
Take Care

Real Love
10 Mile Stereo

To see all pictures of the gig, check out the set on Flickr.



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