The Pipettes – Debaser Medis, October 8th 2010

The Pipettes – Debaser Medis, October 8th 2010

On this beautiful friday it was up to Le Kid and The Pipettes to start the weekend.

The crowd consisted of more women than men, which always results in a different and relaxed atmosphere…
The music that Le Kid produces is sweet Swedish pop, the resemblance with bands like Alcazar is easily made and this is easily explainable when you know who is in the band:

The Pipettes (ft. Le Kid)-8113

Le Kid

Three of its members (Anton Malmberg Hård af Segerstad, Märta Grauers and Felix Persson) are the brains behind some of the UK’s best pop hits in the last five years. Anton is the guy behind some of Velvet’s recent sounds and Alcazar’s “Straight Into The Fire.” Grauers and Persson are part of Cocktail Studios and recently worked with Alcazar, the cute little duo MissMatch, BwO and Agnes. Fronted by singers Helena and Johanna, Le Kid is ready to enter the pop-scene.

Bright colored outfits, two good-looking singers and the most harmless songs, although “We Should Go Home Together” was a good opener of the Friday night. I think that we will hear a lot more from this group.

The Pipettes (ft. Le Kid)-8159-2

Helena - Le Kid

To see all the pictures of Le Kid, check out the Flickr set.
For more information about Le Kid, check out the Le Kid MySpace.

Actually The Pipettes could not have picked a better support-act. Sweet songs, two enthusiastic singers and the same nice moves… The only difference was that the singers and the band were not as brightly dressed as Le Kid.

The Pipettes (ft. Le Kid)-8185

The Pipettes

A very first for me was that they introduced the rest of the band during the very first song!
Next to some oldie goldies they also played some newer material from “Earth vs. The Pipettes” like “Thank You”. Of course the first single from the album “Stop The Music” was performed as well.

The Pipettes (ft. Le Kid)-8189

The Pipettes

Need A Little Time
Aint No Talking
Call Me
Heart’s A Bomb
Dirty Mind
Thank You
YR Kisses
Finding My Way
Over Heels
Coz It’s Not Love
Boo Shuffle
From Today
Stop The Music
Pull Shapes

The Pipettes (ft. Le Kid)-8194

Crowd dancing along with the "Boo Shuffle"

The drummer of the band came from Stockholm which a part of the crowd wanted to point out a few times.
Two big fans who had travelled all the way from Scotland got the honor to get one of the songs dedicated to them.

To see all the pictures of The Pipettes, check out the Flickr set.
For more information about The Pipettes, check out the The Pipettes MySpace.

Afterwards there was a nice club night to start the weekend as it should be started! All in all a nice build-up to a good weekend.



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