Her Name Is Calla – The Quiet Lamb

Her Name Is Calla – The Quiet Lamb

The English post-rock band Her Name Is Calla has released their first full-length album “The Quiet Lamb” with Denovali Records on the 12th of October in Europe. It is going to release the album on the 8th of November in the UK, the States and Japan. FrontStageMusic has reviewed this album for you.


1: Moss Giant
2: A Blood Promise
3: Pour More Oil (stream this song using SoundCloud)
4: Interval 1
5: Condor and River
6: Long Grass
7: Homecoming
8: Thief (stream this song using SoundCloud)
9: Interval 2
10: The Union: I Worship A Golden Sun
11: The Union: Recidivist
12: The Union: Into the West

Don’t be mistaken though, it contains 12 songs but the album has a full 75 minutes of music on it! “Condor and River” for example lasts more then 17 minutes and is a complete symphony on it’s own, but more on this song will be later in this review.


How to describe the sound of Her Name Is Calla on “The Quiet Lamb”? It is hard to compare the sound with anything else. To get an idea you can stream two of the songs of the album using the URL behind the titles on the tracklist.

When I started writing this review I was actually in the mood for something that would give me extra energy, after four songs I decided that it would be better to listen to the album when I got the time and was completely relaxed. So, on a beautiful dark and cold saturday in Stockholm here I was with my headphones listening to something unique.

I think the best way to describe the experience listening to this album is to tell about the special conditions in which the album got recorded. The album got recorded over the course of last year, sometimes on their own in a cramped bedroom and sometimes surrounded by friends after eating takeaway. This is why sometimes if you listen carefully you can hear friends and family, including children rusle about throughout the record. You might also hear the metal door of the storage space that they used for the recording. A lot of different instruments got used (from violins to trombones to vocals and organs) and when that sometimes can get overwhelming, this time it fits perfectly together. Although, it is not an easy-listening album at all. As said, this album is something unique and you should really take the time to sit down and dedicate time to listen to it.

The Songs

Moss Giant is a nice opening of the album. With some background talking at the end which gives the song something mysterious.

The next song starts quietly, A Blood Promise can be one of the more relaxed songs on the album. As soon as the trumpet joins in halfway through the song is gives the song something extra.

Pour More Oil is one of the songs that you can stream, see the tracklist. Starting with a part where the members sing together it results in a combination of vocal, violin, guitar and other instruments.

Her Name Is Calla

Her Name Is Calla

Condor and River is the symphony on it’s own that I was writing about before. The song lasts for a whopping 17 minutes and 6 seconds and has different sections that all have their special element.

The first minutes are filled with a quiet solo of a guitar and if I’m not mistaken, there is some harmonica in there as well. After 3 and a half minutes the song becomes a little more alive with some drums. After five minutes the song gets into it’s next phase and it is a clear build-up to one of the climaxes, the speed is faster and the drums are more present. Then after a little over six minutes there is a bombastic combination of all kinds of instruments and somekind of “screaming” in the background.
Then it builds down until around minute eight it is time for a piano to take over and after the ninth minute the beautiful voice of singer Tom Morris joins in. It all combines perfectly with the trompet and the violin that are added to the musical spectrum as well. In all this song has different kinds of layers and everything is melting together perfectly until the violin and piano softly end this thought-out piece of music.

The first part of Long Grass feels like it is a more sensitive song. I can describe this song as well but it might be better to take a look at the music video. Although I have to admit that I love the “echo-effect” that the location of the video gives to the music.

Homecoming is the shortest song with its own title. This one feels like it is recorded by one of the bandmembers by himself in his bedroom with just a recorder next to him. This gives a real authentic ring to the song.

Thief is one of the songs that you can stream, again see the tracklist. It is like the whole song is one big build-up until the organ ends the musical piece.

Her Name Is Calla

After the second interval, which includes some quotes, it is time for the trilogy The Union which has been departed in I Worship A Golden Sun , Recidivist and Into the West.

I Worship A Golden Sun is more rock then any of the other songs. The drums and guitar are more present and the tempo is a little higher. I do like the violin that melts together with the more heavy sounds.

Recidivist has some rock elements as well, like the sound of the electrical guitar that gets “stretched”, and then again there are parts with the flute and the violin mixed in between. It all ends in a clash of instruments.

After the clash there is a more eclectic moment with all kinds of instruments in the last part of the trilogy Into the West, which indeed could be used as a soundtrack for a Wild West movie.


In all I believe that the album has combined very different styles of music, from a solo artist in his bedroom to a bombastic clash of instruments, it is all there and it all combines very well. I do have to admit that you have to be in the mood to listen to it, and maybe it is even hard to listen to it all in once, but I believe that if you do take the time and listen carefully that it is a very good musical masterpiece. Probably not something for the mainstream audience but I do not believe that this is how the music industry works anymore anyway. It is all about creating your own fanbase and I believe that Her Name Is Calla is a band that can do this easily.

For more information about and to listen to Her Name Is Calla, check out the Her Name Is Calla MySpace



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