Daughtry – Debaser Medis, October 7th 2010

Daughtry – Debaser Medis, October 7th 2010

Today it was Chris Daughtry and his band who visited Debaser Medis in Stockholm. This might just turn out to be the best performance I have seen in 2010!

Daughtry (ft. Counterpoint)-7940


Counterpoint was the rocking surprising, cause unannounced, support act for Daughtry and got everybody in a rock & roll mood. Some long hair, heavy guitar riffs and a good steady voice.

Daughtry (ft. Counterpoint)-7905-2


For all the pictures of Counterpoint, check the special Flickr set here.
For more information about Counterpoint, check out the Counterpoint MySpace.

After that, it was just a quick change of setting of the stage and we were ready for Daughtry.

If there is a book somewhere that describes a perfect example of how a concert should be then it is probably describing the Daughtry concert at Debaser Medis, Stockholm, on the 7th of October 2010.

Everything was how it should be, a line outside the venue that does not take too long, darkness, a bit of rain and inside an enthusiastic band (not only the singer but everyone on stage), a big and even more enthusiastic crowd, good musicians, a nice low controlled voice, good sound, good lighting, nice security that made sure that the people in front got enough water. A band that knows how to communicate and play with the audience.

Daughtry (ft. Counterpoint)-8022

Daughtry - Enthusiastic Musicians

In all everything together made it a perfect night. This might turn out to be the unsuspected number one live-performance of 2010 for me, and I have seen a lot!!!

Daughtry (ft. Counterpoint)-8060

Daughtry - Enthusiastic Crowd

What is there to describe, every known song got played and if it was possible the crowd sang along. The whole atmosphere was how it should be during a concert. The singer throws some water into the crowd, he gets some water back…

Daughtry (ft. Counterpoint)-8098

Chris Daughtry

As a photographer it is always fun to see some interesting details during a concert. This time it was a big tape on the monitor-speaker of Chris Daughtry which only had the name of the city where he was playing on it. Can imagine that it can get confusing when you are performing in a different city all over the world every night.

See all the pictures of Daughtry’s performance on Flickr.
For more information about Daughtry, check out the Daughtry MySpace.



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