The Klaxons – Le Cabaret Juste Pour Rire, September 25th 2010

The Klaxons – Le Cabaret Juste Pour Rire, September 25th 2010

Forget what the critics are saying, The Klaxons are definitely back. If you disagree, then tell it to the ecstatic crowd at this weekend’s Montreal show at Le Cabaret Juste Pour Rire.

The London band, hot off  the release of their highly anticipated (sophomore) album, Surfing the Void, treated fans to an intimate night of dancing, new tunes and of course, the hits. The band hit the stage after a rather long epic prelude/oboe overture reminiscent of my flutist days. The song had intensity and built quite the anticipation; something thematic during the night. Without further a do, the quintent opened their set with Flashover.

If there were any qualms about people’s reaction to their new stuff, the Montreal crowd scoffed those aside. The great mix of old and new were highly welcomed and it was evident that their departure from touring was greatly missed.

There was an uproar from the crowd when they played their classics Golden Skans and Magick. In between showing off their knowledge of the French language and lots of ‘Merci Montreal. It’s good to be back!’, the guys never failed to keep a majority of the main floor dancing. Even if their new songs weren’t as embraced with the same jovial nature it’s a fact that these lads know how to have a good time and made sure their fans joined in in all the festivities too. Bassist Jamie Reynolds encouraged the crowd to be louder and wilder. The crowd couldn’t help but feed off the chaotic guitar musings of the quiet Simon, the raunchy bass playing of Jamie Reynolds, exceptional drumming of Steffan Halperin and James Righton’s vocal range.

The best performance from their new album was Twin Flames. James’ and Jamie’s vocals proved powerful as they complimented one another with Jamie’s falsetto range. It was only fitting that the end of the song ended with “…harmonize in time’. Other appropriate choices included finishing their set with It’s Not Over Yet before returning for the encore.

They ended their show with the crowd favourite, Atlantis to Interzone. It was a perfect song choice to end the night, bringing things back to their humble beginnings. Perhaps, in attempt to savour every last moment, the crowd soon went …crazy to say the least. Those in front of the stage began crashing into each other – Is moshing the modern day version of Nu Rave dancing? If so, they may just have to rename the song Atlantis to Warzone.

If there was any doubt that The Klaxons had lost their Midas touch on Surfing The Void, seeing them live will quickly disperse such pre-conceptions. So if you’re still undecided, I suggest you check them live.

The Klaxons live up to their name (see: noun); they’re loud and more so, they make you stand up and take notice.

Front Stage Music is happy to announce that the guys will be taking time out of their busy schedule to chat with FSM during their Toronto stop.

Special Thanks to Universal Music Canada & Natalie Turano for making this all possible.



As Above So Below

Same Space

Gravity’s Rainbow


Golden Skans

Twin Flames

Two Receivers


Calm Trees


Future Memories

It’s Not Over Yet


Surfing the Void

Atlantis to Interzone



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