Popaganda 2010 – August 27th and 28th

Popaganda 2010 – August 27th and 28th

The first day – 27th of August 2010

Popaganda Sfeer-5764

Beautiful festival weather, not to hot, not to cold… It was dry all day and sometimes the sun came through which in all made it a perfect first day of Popaganda. There was rumor that they sold more tickets this year then for the previous version and the atmosphere was good.

Navet was the first band to start the festival and they played nicely. Some beats from the computer, a bassplayer and a good singer whose voice sometimes reminded me of Florence and the Machine.



Promising band, curious what they will achieve in the future.



See all the pictures of Navet at Flickr.

For more information about Navet, please go to the Navet MySpace.

The first “bigger” name was First Aid Kit. Who actually live only 10 minutes by metro from the festivalterrain. Next to their own songs they covered a song by the American band Fleet Foxes. The voice of the singer was really clear and strong and sometimes, when she pushed it reminded me of Amy McDonald.

First Aid Kit-5846

First Aid Kit

Two Swedish sisters who make very good, almost vulnerable music. They were discovered by their neighbour whom let them record their first songs. We will probably hear a lot from them in the future.

First Aid Kit-5880

First Aid Kit

See all the pictures of First Aid Kit at Flickr.

For more information about these upcoming stars check the First Aid Kit MySpace.

This Is Head was a whole other genre of music. These were four guys with a heavier sound.

This Is Head-5982

This Is Head

Not really comparable to other well known bands, they have created their own sound and are not trying to be somebody else. Because it is hard to give the band a label it might just be one of the big surprises for the years to come.

This Is Head-6052

This Is Head

See all the pictures of This Is Head at Flickr.

This Is Head keeps rocking on the This Is Head MySpace.

I found that there is one big difference with festivals in Sweden and in other countries. Since it is not allowed to sell alcohol everywhere there are seperate areas where it is allowed. This has as a result that there are no people throwing beer during the performances and everybody is quite calm, although this last part might just be the Swedish way of behaving.

Popaganda Sfeer-6367

Jonathan Johansson was one of the few artists that only sang in Swedish and was quite popular with the girls.

Jonathan Johansson-6160

Jonathan Johansson

Although I did not knew him and did not understand a word he sang, I believe he’s quite comparable with John Mayer.

Jonathan Johansson-6116

Jonathan Johansson

See all the pictures of Jonathan Johansson at Flickr.

More about this Swedish star on the Jonathan Johansson MySpace.

Monarchy was a band that I only knew from one song, The Phoenix Alive, and I was pleasantly surprised by their performance.



All dressed in the same suit, masked as well since the real identity of the bands members are not to be known and a nice full sound. A very promising band as well.



See all the pictures of Monarchy at Flickr.

Check out the Monarchy MySpace for more information.

After Monarchy there was a cultural and sportive break with some Synchronized Swimming.

Synchronized Swimming-6265

Familjen from Skåne came to add some house to the festival. He rocked although I had no idea what he was singing about.



His second album was released in May this year and promises rock the dancefloors even more. His performance was a good energetic one and it was hard, even as a photographer, to stand still.



See all the pictures of Familjen at Flickr.

For more information about the “Family” check out the Familjen MySpace.

Next up was something totally different… Ellie Goulding.

Ellie Goulding-6448

Ellie Goulding

This upcoming singer from the UK proved that she can perform live really good but maybe the songs are a little too intimate for a festival outside. Would love to see her in a smaller environment and acoustic.

Ellie Goulding-6490

Ellie Goulding

See all the pictures of Ellie Goulding at Flickr.

To see more about this upcoming blonde star check out the Ellie Goulding MySpace.

Belle and Sebastian never really rock but they are just really good musicians with a lot of good songs. They even played a song that is going to be released on their next LP, really catchy as well.

Belle and Sebastian-6564

Belle and Sebastian

Overall it was just a really good performance with all kinds of instruments. “I am a Cuckoo” was perfect. The party was complete when they invited some people from the crowd to dance along on stage. Jumping into the audience itself was a great finale.

Belle and Sebastian-6608

See all the pictures of Belle and Sebastian at Flickr.

To see more pictures of Belle and Sebastian, check the Belle and Sebastian MySpace.

Sadly, because of the big crowd, I was not in the position to cover the band Jamaica from France. I did however cover Robyn!



What an artist! She is not a only a good singer but also an exceptional performer.



All of her big hits were sung: In Love With A Robot, Dancing On My Own, Hang With Me. All-in, she delivered excactly what can be expected from THE headline-act. The extraordinary amount of confidence that Robyn displays is unbelievable.



Robyn rocked Stockholm.
Robyn kom hem! – Robyn came home!



See all the pictures of Robyn at Flickr.

To read and hear even more from this Swedish superstar, check out the Robyn MySpace.

The second day – 28th of August 2010

Popaganda Sfeer-6253

Luckily for me the 28th was my birthday, the sad thing for FrontStageMusic was that I wanted to celebrate this at home with some friends and not “alone” with thousands of strangers around me at St. Eriksbadet. I did however start my birthday good with the first three artists that performed.
And they did start the party in a good way!

Le Fever started the second day, which again was dry and with lots of sun, of this beautiful festival. Le Fever is a good upcoming band from Sweden and they are really complete. They are with 8 persons on stage and have all kinds of instruments.

Le Fever-6873

Le Fever

Their songs are good as well. They played a new song called “Brothers” which started nice and calm with a solo by frontman Tom Lagerman and ended as a full arrangement by the whole band. To remind us of the great performance of Robyn the night before Le Fever played a short cover of Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own”.

Le Fever-6890

Le Fever

See all the pictures of Le Fever at Flickr.

More information about Le Fever can be found at the Le Fever MySpace

The Concretes were the second band that performed. Their music was really relaxed and a little bit dreamy this was a good way to start of the day.

The Concretes-6936

The Concretes

I did not know them yet but it seems that they have been busy for the last 15 years and that they just released their fourth full length album. The blond singer had a good voice and so did the secondary singer, overall it was a good performance.

The Concretes-6955

The Concretes

See all the pictures of The Concretes at Flickr.

For more information you can go to the The Concretes MySpace

The last band that I could cover was Vit Päls. What an energy did Vit Päls (which means White Fur) produce!

Vit Päls-7019

Vit Päls

Totally different then the other Swedish bands I saw at this festival. Maybe this is because they are from Malmö, the south of Sweden. They are not easy to compare to any other well known artists, they did remind me of a Dutch phenomenon from last year, Kyteman and his HipHop Orchestra. The music was not comparable at all and probably neither are the lyrics but it is just the energy and fun that the band showed which you can have when you are performing together on a beautiful late-summer day in Stockholm.

Vit Päls-6985

Vit Päls

See all the pictures of Vit Päls at Flickr.

For more information you can check out the Vit Päls MySpace.

After Vit Päls performance I was ready to go and party and “Dance On My Own”. So there will be no more written reviews about the rest of the day. Probably there will soon be some more photos of the rest of the day as a courtesy of our big friends from WebcutsMusic.com.

Popaganda Sfeer-7029



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