White Rabbits – Rotown, June 3rd 2010

White Rabbits – Rotown, June 3rd 2010

It was a lovely Thursday night thanks to the gentlemen from the White Rabbits, backed by Active Child.
In a buzzing Rotown it was Active Childs last time to perform as the pre-show of the White Rabbits after touring a full month with them. The music of Active Child is hard to describe.

Active Child - Rotown - 03-06-2010-1653

Active Child

Rotown itself described it as a subgenre in the world of indie with dreamy synths, misty beats and lo-fi samples. They used a harp and a laptop with which the beats were produced. A good fire starter.

Active Child - Rotown - 03-06-2010-1645

Active Child

After the pre-show thanked the sound-engineer for his good job with the sound system it was time for the White Rabbits to shine. Since the band consists of six men, the stage was with 2 drum sets and a keyboard, quite full.

White Rabbits - Rotown - 03-06-2010 (27 van 40)

White Rabbits

The White Rabbits admitted that they were really looking forward to this show since it was the last show of their tour and they have been on the road for a year. They wanted to create an extra big party since it was Matt’s birthday as well.

White Rabbits - Rotown - 03-06-2010 (37 van 40)

White Rabbits

White Rabbits - Rotown - 03-06-2010 (34 van 40)

White Rabbits

All the better known songs got played and every time the performance was near to perfection.

White Rabbits - Rotown - 03-06-2010 (12 van 40)

White Rabbits

The concert was one of the best I have been to the last few months. The sound was “full”, hardly any sound was produced with the computer and the members of the band all mastered several instruments. The voices of the band were completing each other. Actually, I was surprised that the place wasn’t sold out and that the band doesn’t have a bigger reputation yet. I am really curious where this band will be in a year!



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