Three Vicars – Debaser Slussen, May 7th 2010

Three Vicars – Debaser Slussen, May 7th 2010

At our first visit to the city we had the opportunity to cover a night full of live music at the Debaser venue near Slussen in Stockholm.

The night of the 7th of May contained three different live performances spread over three hours. The experience and partly also the quality of the music improved as the night passed.

Concerts Debaser - Wildthings 04


First to start was a nice young band from Stockholm itself. It happened to be their debut live performance and WLDFNGS, or Wildthings, really got the night started. The show wasn’t really long but they showed a lot of energy. The songs of course were unknown but they had some nice riffs going on which got some heads in the crowd nodding.

Concerts Debaser - Wildthings 03


The second part of the evening was covered by a band from Seattle/Portland (USA) which was called The Intelligence if I got it right, with some short but energetic songs in the first part of the performance. The second part was more steady and the overall sound was more mature and “fuller” than the sound of the debutants.

Concerts Debaser 07-05-2010-7

Lars Finberg - The Intelligence

The night was finished by the most experienced and most energetic bunch of guys. The band for whom a big part of the crowd came to Debaser… Thee Vicars. Right after the show I wrote down that they produced some energetic punk rock and that while I was looking at them it seemed like a crossing between the Arctic Monkeys and The Beatles.

Concerts Debaser - Thee Vicars 01

Thee Vicars

Concerts Debaser - Thee Vicars 05

Thee Vicars

At the end of the show the public got included in the show, a visitor played one of the guitars, members were laying on the floor just playing, or trying to play, their instruments, jumping of the drum set or hanging from the ceiling. In short, Thee Vicars ended the night with a big bang.

Concerts Debaser - Thee Vicars 13

Thee Vicars going wild

More information about Thee Vicars can be found at the Thee Vicars MySpace. There is also an opportunity to see them live at our home base Rotown (Rotterdam – Netherlands) on the 2nd of June during the Primitive Festival.



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