FSM Favorite : My Propane

FSM Favorite : My Propane

I Like Propane
I Burn Shit Down

‘Tired of listening to stuff they don’t like and tired of having to listen to people who listen to stuff they don’t like, this became not about what is generally accepted as success, fame and poses. This became about making a statement: My Propane

My Propane bring a mix of rock and electro, going back to the basics of rock.
They might not sound new or very original, but who cares about that?
They are really good in what they do; make rock with a slight electro influence!
I am not scared to say that My Propane have found a new fan, me!

My Propane will release their debut EP digitally on the 15th of May.

With an obvious love for 1960’s American promo movies and soft-porn, My Propane’s videos are a delight to watch.

Check out their video Don’t Tell Your Dad What We Do Here, a great song with an ever greater old school video!



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