FSM Favorite : Miike Snow

FSM Favorite : Miike Snow

Little history lesson here to introduce you to Miike Snow: Meet Swedish duo Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg, two childhood friends who spent time playing in bands and working on various projects in studios throughout Gothenburg.

After separate moves to Stockholm, they reunited in 2000 and crossed paths with American Andrew Wyatt with the idea write a pop album for someone else. The release was small, with little distribution and an alleged large sum of money was lost in the process. The three stayed in touch and formed Miike Snow as we know it back in 2007.

Silvia , the latest single of their amazing self-titled debut album, got my attention recently and I have listened to them non-stop ever since. Miike Snow is not easy to define, part of the music they produce is dance, part of it is more indie. It’s amazing to listen to and that is what counts!



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