FSM Favorite : Killaflaw

FSM Favorite : Killaflaw

Our next FSM favorite indeed sounds like the Prodigy. Only thing is that Killaflaw is far from being world famous!

Killaflaw combines rock influences with the uplifting tempo of dance / drum & base. One of the most catchy songs has to be “Set Me On Fire” and especially the remix that has been produced by the Utah Saints (which you are hearing now).

Benn Helm (guitars / vocals) and Andy Paton (electronics / trumpet) form the very talented band Killaflaw, based in Liverpool. Killaflaw as a writing and recording entity formed in 2006. Prior to this, the individual members’ musical interests and activities are relatively diverse.

Andy Paton cut his teeth composing electronic music, melding various influences, while at the same time adding his own original dimension. This led to him performing extremely innovative and popular live electronics sets, characterised by a hard beat and intelligently delivered improvisation.

Benn Helm on the other hand spent his years before Killaflaw in a more rock/blues environment, writing, singing and playing guitar in several bands pre-Killaflaw‘s formation. It’s fair to say that singing is the standout quality in Helm’s range of talent. Whether it’s low blues or screeching rock, Helm can find the notes.
Killaflaw already released two EP’s and will launch their third EP, and are due to release their debut album Sleaze and Grit, which is being mastered and is expected to be launched in the first half of 2010.



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