Local Natives – Concorde II, February 26th 2010

Local Natives – Concorde II, February 26th 2010

Tonight, Local Natives are playing at Concorde 2, one of the nicest concert venues on Brighton’s seafront. The Californian band is on tour in the UK and their support acts are the British bands Ice Black Birds and Peggy Sue.

Local Natives

19.15 We arrive at Concorde 2 as Ice Black Birds have already started playing. Wow, they are not late on the schedule tonight. As we approach the stage, we can see four young men visibly enjoying very much their part of the show, made of energetic rock n’ roll. The audience, even if the room is not full yet, seems to enjoy the gig as well and warmly applauses them. The guys are done, are we going to see Local Natives right away? Apparently not, as two young women and a man come on stage and start playing a mix of folk and blues music supported by voice harmonies that reminds us of the next band to come… Apparently, Peggy Sue have a fan club in Brighton as a bunch of young people on front rows cheers them with enthusiasm at the end of every song. Local Natives are not there yet, but we have already seen a quality support act that made this concert evening start very well.

Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue

20.30 After a long pause that made the crowd really impatient to see the next part, here they come, the five Californian guys of Local Natives. Concorde 2 is now full and we feel lucky to be so close of the stage, with a wide view on the band.

20.32 Some kind of giant and a quite tall friend decided to stand right in front of us. How did they even come till here, given the density of the crowd? They are going to ruin my concert view. Local Natives have started to play, opening with ‘Camera Talk’, and the result is thrilling (on a sound point of view, at least): the voice harmonies are there, as good as on their début album, but with an upper tempo louder instruments, especially the drums that give a more ‘rock’ tone to their songs. By listening to the album, Local Natives’ music seems peaceful and delicate, on stage it takes a new dimension.

Local Natives

Local Natives

20.45 Giant man is gone, looking for the toilets, and his friend has stepped aside, hallelujah. Now my eyes can appreciate the concert as much as my ears. The three front man play and exchange their instruments for almost every song, showing us that they are not only three beautiful voices but can also use their hands to make great sound.

21.15 Giant man is back, and his friend too, holding two dangerously full glasses of beer. This time, I’ll fight for my right to enjoy this great concert. One discreet knee hit later, hurray, the view is clear again and we can enjoy the rest of this great gig.
Airplanes comes (‘I want you baaack, baack, baack’) and I could swear that every single person in the room sings along with the band. It smells like the end of the concert… No, the band goes on with Sun Hands! The crowd is dancing in a single movement. After this last great moment, the five guys wave at us and disappear from the stage.

Local Natives

Local Natives

21.40 After unanimous disagreement from the crowd, Local Natives come back onstage for one last song: ‘Who Knows Who Cares’ closes this great concert night.
If they come back, we will too!




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