Hot Chip – One Life Stand

Hot Chip – One Life Stand

Ever since 2003, Alexis Taylor, Joe Goddard, Owen Clarke and Felix Martin have been working hard on creating electro-pop under the name Hot Chip.
After the success of ‘Made In The Dark’, released in 2008, it was clear that Hot Chip would go back in the studio produce their fourth studio album.
Almost a year later, ‘One Life Stand’ was released in the beginning of February this year.

The expectations for this album were quite high. Although the band already informed that the album would be a lot calmer and down-tempo. But well, how often do you have to believe those words, which are often just simple sales talk.
‘One Life Stand’ opens a lot calmer than ‘Made in the Dark’. First track ‘Thieves Of The Night’ clearly gets the Hot Chip custom sound, although it takes the listener almost a minute to really get into the track.
Alexis’ sings, with his recognizable voice, the awfully true line ‘happiness is what we all want’, and yes, that line describes perfectly what feeling Hot Chip tries to give the listener.

Next tracks ‘Hand Me Down Your Love’, with a nice piano loop and the well known Alvin and the Chipmunks effect, and ‘I Feel Better’, which could have been a great trance track if it would have a bigger bass-line in it, both are clearly more down-tempo and prove Hot Chip’s decision to take it a bit slower on this album.

Hot Chip’s first single of this album, ‘One Life Stand’, is definitely one of the best tracks of the album.
It could have also been one of the tracks on ‘Made In The Dark’. The track just simply sounds great due to the steel pan addition.

‘Brothers’ sounds very 80s disco pop crossover. Although still it misses something to lift the song to a higher level. ‘Brothers’ structure will definitely suit a lot DJ’s to create some hard remixes. Until then, the song stays average.

Before even realizing, ‘Slush’ is already the first song of the second and last part of the album.
An intro that, with a bit of imagination, could have been performed by the Muppets.
Unfortunately, while listening to the bridge to the chorus sounds a bit like a Christmas Carol.

‘Alley Cats’ on the other hand is ideal track to relax. With closed eyes dreaming away in a pleasant Hot Chip world.
‘We Have Love’ switches back to a more up-tempo, classic Hot Chip track, although you shouldn’t take the intro serious.
With ‘Keep It Quiet’ and ‘Take In’, Hot Chip’s ‘One Life Stand’ ends. ‘Keep It Quiet’ also has some steel pan parts in it. ‘Take It In’ is the perfect track to close the album. Clear disco influence and a slightly higher tempo than the other tracks, luckily pulls the level of the album a bit up.

Verdict: 3/5
Less experimental, quite radio-friendly and with only three songs that are not average, ‘One Life Stand’ is just not as good as ‘Made In The Dark’. It is actually a quite safe album.
It will probably be nice for new Hot Chip fans, but this fan of their recent cracker ‘Ready For The Floor’ is a bit disappointed.

Hot Chip – One Life Stand is currently for sale at all Record, Music and Entertainment shops.
For the downloaders, ofcourse its available on iTunes.



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