Club 3voor12 – Exit, Rotterdam

Rotterdam was quite cold on last Saturday evening. On the 13th of March, 3voor12Rotterdam took over Rotterdam’s Exit. Luckily this evening full of upcoming bands would definately keep us warm.

The evening started of with a one-man-band from Rotterdam called after a Japanese girl “Yoshimi“. Niek Hilkmann is the frontman and he collected a varied bunch of musicians around him to help make very original music. One of the unique things you notice even before the band enters the stage is the unusual choice of instruments. There are the usual suspects like a guitar and the drums but next to that there is a rack of bottles, trumpets, horns and there was a big magic box filled with all kind of weird instuments. For more information, check Yoshimi’s MySpace.

Yoshimi 01


Yoshimi 2


For more pictures of this part of the show, check this out.

After a very nice show, which was only paused a few times because the choice of instruments changed, another band from Rotterdam took the stage.

That Band From Holland” was the next one to rock the house. The band clearly is influenced by different sorts of music which makes it very interesting to listen to. Listen to some of their songs at MySpace. The stage was a little small for six large Dutch guys to give a concert but somehow they managed.
After Yoshimi you would think that you have seen almost every instrument available but That Band From Holland discovered a new curvy yellow one.

That Band From Holland

That Band From Holland - Banana Trumpet?

That Band From Holland 2

That Band From Holland

That Band From Holland 3

That Band From Holland

For more pictures of this part of the show, check this out.

After the two bands from Rotterdam, a FrontStageMusic favorite was going to take the stage. We already covered their debut album presentation on our Dutch site and now the Excitors, from The Hague, were going to take over Rotterdam as well. What a show and what an atmosphere. As the singer Mauro later stated “it was nice to notice that although most of the crowd (some big motorists and others little highschool girls) didn’t know the music yet, the reactions were very positive”.


Excitors - Mauro & Piet

Excitors 2

Excitors - Mauro

Excitors 4

Excitors - Piet's Solo

After the stage-manager told the band to start their last song, the Excitors played their energetic Itchin’ Bitchin’ (see video). And as if that wasn’t enough they ended the evening with a big bang, covering Faithless.
I am very curious how the huge crowd at Koninginnenach 2010 will react to this energetic set of songs.

Excitors 3

Excitors - Mauro Strikes A Pose

Excitors 5

Excitors - Raymond

For more pictures of this part of the show, check this out.



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